confessions of a church lawyer


In this compelling book, the author, who served as legal counsel for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee during a tumultuous period of sexual abuse claims, delves into three critical missions.

First, they unveil the unvarnished truth behind the abuse cases, shedding light on the profound impact on victims and the Catholic Church. With a keen eye for misunderstood nuances and overlooked facts, they challenge prevailing narratives.

Second, the author presents a roadmap for the Catholic Church’s redemption, offering concrete steps to prevent future abuses and rejuvenate its societal standing. They underscore the Church’s global humanitarian role.

Third, the book passionately defends the enduring relevance of Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, in Western civilization. It warns against emerging threats like communism and jihad and champions the power of reason within Judeo-Christianity.

With a bold critique of cultural trends, the author questions the selective criticism of certain cultures while advocating for the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Throughout, the author navigates legal and ethical considerations, asserting that their book is not only permissible but necessary to instigate vital change.

A thought-provoking exploration of a pervasive issue extending beyond the Church, this book challenges assumptions and offers practical solutions. It is a must-read for those seeking a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between faith, culture, and justice.

china code


A team of Chinese Communist assassins comes to America to kill a young Math genius and his CIA protector. The gangs of Milwaukee take the ChiComs on. China Code: In this darkly comic thriller, young Bernie Weber is about to prove the Riemann Hypothesis, the most difficult problem in mathematics, which is also the key to breaking China’s new cryptology. The CIA sends two incompetent agents to protect him, but they are entrapped in a sex scandal. Only CIA agent Audrey Knapp is left to hold off the killers, but she can’t do it by herself. When she recruits the Black and Latino gangs of Milwaukee to defend Bernie, the Chinese are in for a surprise.
milwaukee jihad


Jihadist forces in the Middle East tangle with covert figures in the American government. ISIS and its collaborators in Saudi Arabia plan to attack the U.S. Capitol during the State of the Union speech and destroy the Capitol and everyone inside with a combination of suicide bombers and a fleet of small suicide planes. They have embedded assassins in some U.S. cities in advance of the attack. ISIS communicates through a system of quantum cryptography that the U.S. can’t decipher. Bernie Weber, a brilliant doctoral student, is put to work to break their code. The CIA assigns agent Audrey Knapp to protect him. The assassins are picked off one by one as Knapp and stubborn Milwaukee fight back. When the President and the First Lady start their limousine ride to the Capitol for the Speech, a team of Navy Seals, Navy planes, and Audrey Knapp with a knife in the Visitor Gallery try to stop the final attack. This edgy and sometimes darkly comic clash of cultures is riddled with violence, politics and mathematical science as it twists and turns like a relentless chess match, with the fate of Democracy in the balance.