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Get ready to dive into the eye-opening pages of “Confessions Of A Church Lawyer.” This captivating book takes you on a revealing journey through real stories of abuse cases that went to court, the legal complexities that unfolded, and the lasting impact on the survivors. It features some thought-provoking discussions about changing some of the Church’s long-standing rules that can significantly improve its overall state.

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University Avenue Press was founded by Matthew Flynn to publish innovative books that some other publishers feel do not conform to their lists. In an era of publishing consolidation and message conformity, Mr. Flynn believes it is important to give voice to new ideas.
Matthew J Flynn

A Word From The Author

Matthew Flynn was the outside legal counsel who defended the Archdiocese of Milwaukee against claims of sexual abuse for 15 years. He wrote “Confessions of a Church Lawyer: In Defense of Christianity” for three reasons. First, he wanted to tell the true stories of the cases he worked on, their impact on the victims, and how they affected the Catholic Church. Second, he wanted to explain what the Church must do to ensure these cases never happen again. And finally, he wanted to explain why the Catholic Church and Judeo-Christianity, in general, are essential for the well-being of all humanity, even for those who are not Christians.

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I have been reading the book “Confessions,” and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This book can surely refresh your mind and enlighten us with in-depth knowledge of the ban on female priests, the celibacy rule, and abuse cases in Catholic churches that we don’t ponder in our daily lives. ​
Bill HolahanAmazon Customer​
After reading this book, I must say Mathew has done a really great job of portraying the insides of Christianity and perfectly highlighting the theories on the existence of God. This book is well written and has cleared my concepts on different topics related to Christianity. I will surely recommend everyone to give this book a read!. ​
Jim StollAmazon Customer​
“Confessions” delves into the celibacy rule and its historical significance. It also courageously confronts the painful topic of abuse within the Catholic Church. I can say that it is a thought-provoking analysis that navigates the complexities of faith, tradition, and accountability, sparking crucial conversations for a better tomorrow. Surely a must-read!​
Claes NilssonAmazon Customer​
After a long time, I have really liked a book that addresses the threat of white supremacy and illuminates the essential role of Judeo-Christian values in defending Western Civilization. It offers a compelling perspective on contradicting destructive forces through shared moral grounds, urging a united stand against hatred. A great read for those seeking a path toward harmony and justice!
Jim MinorAmazon Customer

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