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Matthew Flynn worked as the main legal advisor for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, helping them with legal matters related to claims of sexual abuse for fifteen years. He wrote his upcoming book “Confessions Of A Church Lawyer: In Defense Of Christianity” for three main reasons. First, he wanted to explain the details of the cases he dealt with and how they affected the victims and the Catholic Church. Second, he wanted to suggest ways the Church can prevent such abuses from happening again. Lastly, he wanted to explain why Christianity, which is currently facing criticism in popular culture, is important for everyone’s well-being, even for the majority of the world’s population which is not Christian.

Matthew Flynn studied at Yale University and the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he was the Editor in chief of the Wisconsin Law Review. He also wrote two novels in the past: “CHINA CODE,” about Milwaukee gangs protecting a young math genius from the Chinese government, and “MILWAUKEE JIHAD,” where the same math genius and a female CIA agent stop an ISIS plot.

Matthew J Flynn

A Little About University Avenue Press

Matthew Flynn founded University Avenue Press to publish unique books that contain facts and arguments not often found on other publishers’ lists. In a time when many publishers prize similarity of ideas, Mr. Flynn believes it’s important to give space to new and different perspectives.